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New and Testy

Okies, so, New Journal over at " Classicdestiny " so add me if you want or not, its friends only though. This will be for Tests and things now i guess. Cus i dotn wanna dump it, but oh well. Anyhow... A test.

Your soul is bound to the Seventh Totem,
Pandora: The Spider

Pandora appears as an amethyst spider. She
embodies creativity, imagination, craft, and
. She is associated with the
color amethyst, the season of autumn, and the
element of wind. Her downfall is daydreaming.

You are most compatible with Tortoises and

Which Animal Spirit Totem Are You?
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Defying Gravity

Wow, go me for never updating. I swear. Anyhow, the kittens are gone now. (oh look, it seems like I only just posted that they were here, huh! Haha). But yeah, it was time. Tonks is gone too, sadly. She gave me a gut shot that had to be held together by butterfly Band-Aids. X.x lil bitch.

Anyhow, they all got good homes, and we kept Two. Oh man, they are so cute! Alphonse and Yondaime! One name from two of my Fav Animes so far. Alphonse is the biggest of the little, and a sweet heart. *-* and Yondaime (People call them Al and Daime ) is a brave lil one. She’s so awesome. 4th of the little born :D

Anyhow they are adorable.

I spent too much money this weekend. Sadly. I got some movies, and some CDs I wanted. And some new books.

I’ve been in a odd mood lately. I don’t wanna write anything, I have like 1000 emails to go though, my deviant art is so backed up that its not even FUNNY. All I want to do is chat with a few people online, reply to RPs, and draw. Not to mention sleep. For a change I –want- to sleep. I’ll even sleep with the mind that “he” will be there again, but I don’t much care. I’m tired.

More on that in my other journal for myself. So what ever. I've been talking to Erin again. That's been really nice. Missed her loads. but i'm not gonna ramble on here. I guess I’ll end this journal with a segment of lyrics from a son I have stuck in my head.


Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!

~ Excerpt from: Wicked - Defying Gravity

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KITTENS!! Born July 14th 12:12

4 of them so far! Just born like... JUST now! I'm sitting here at my computer and i hear a Mew! and I was liek WTF? and looekd around and.... KITTENS! i saw 3 of them, but hten something was moving under the plastic they were born on, and there was a 4th black one! Momma Kitty looks like she can pop a few more. Which worries me as shes sitting here on the pillow under my computer lickign herself. ........ PLEASE Tonks don't have your brats here under my computer. Anyhow, i hope it's only four of em. x.x

I'm worried that Poppa kitty wil leat them Stupid boy. Whats funny about it all is that my girl, Tonks is her name. The boy? We naemd him Moony. So in reality, Moony and Tonks jsut had 4 (so far) Cubs! or ewll Kittens but shh.MoonyxTonks is one of my fav ships. xD

so now i needa read up on kittens x.x! gah, Anyoen want one xD ?

Oiy, Tonks is a bloody mess x.x ewww

EDIT: 5th Babie born at 12:47 UNDER MY DAMN BLASTED COMPUTER *grrrrrrrrr, upset* stupid Wench Tonks! my foot pillow thingy is nasty now ;.; and i have a baby under foot! *scared, cries* UNDERFOOT!!!
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home again home again....

I am home. not that it matters. ^_^;

The con was great, lots of fun. The trip was good, the flight was fun, seeing my friends was truely priceless. And comming home to HOT as Fuck weather just helped me decide that i wanna move to LA now x.x how sad, no?
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Leaving on a Jet Pl---- haha

Okies all! Not that i ever update anymore anyhow but in case anyone cares i will be leaving! Headed to LA! The Expo is in a week and i am officaly on VACATION! YEAH!!!!!!!! cant wait *-*!

Anyhow, loves to you all!

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An Angle and From Fisrt to Last!

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I am so upset! I completely forgot that Kris was playing at Old Ironsides tonight! (well it was last night the 25th but anyhow). J-zuse! I had wanted to g o to that badly too! Dude… check them out, k? http://www.ananglemusic.com/ AWESOME group :D *loves* Indie Rock group from CA. An Angle is the name of the band. Awesome, awesome. They just got their first CD put out, and I’m looking forward to getting it!... *cracks fingers* Pay day is Thursday. Woot. I know, I said I was saving up damnit, for the AX, but still… I want the CD. *sniffles* I wont get to see them play for a while *cries* The next stop is Salt Lake City UT. ;.;

Me = Sad. ;.;

On a completely different note (well not really) I’m growing more and more so attached to “From First to Last”. An LA band that I stumbled over. I kinda really like em ^_^;; but yeah anyhow…. That’s all I’ll babble about for now. I really should go g et some sleep. I feel like Spoot or worse. Oh well. *plays Note to Self over again*
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I have returend home from... THE MOVIE... i will not give any spoilers at all right now, other then the fact that the damend movie broke my heart a 1000 times over. It is SO much better then Eps. 1 and 2. And it has renewed my faith in the Star Wars universe. I also understand the Bumping up in the Rating thing. It was.... jsut... Wow. There are NO words to discribe it for me. NO words. The CGing has improved, but still not as great as it SHOULD be (as ocne i na while you can pick out the damend CGed moves, liek Legolas trick jumping on his pony? yeha liek that). There was no annoyign side Kick babbling on (yeah! no Binks... sorta). And it Tied EVERYTHING up nicely.

Needless to say i'm seeing it agian veyr soon. -- Oh, back to CG department. i DO have to say they uimproved on their Yoda a bit. his walk was more realistic. after a while he fit in, in my head at least.

Lords knows i am a huge dork... the Opening STAR WARS logo opens, and i began to cry. x.x It's so sad... this coudl veyr well possibaly be the end of the movies. If it is, then Hallujah, it went out with a Bang. I was worried it would leave unanswered questiosn that even the Original three movies woudln't answer, but George, hats off to you! You did a splended job. i don't think i have any questions at all. AKA it tied up the series VERY well!

But... I am still, and will always be, a Die Hard Fan of the Originals.
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In case anyone cares to know, wants to know or was wondering. I’m not around. Or, I am but not really. I think I’ve been sick. I don’t know what I am doing anymore. I sit here on the computer, looking at it and just go BLAH. And I stare at it, and just…. Eh. Stare. Those I was close to faded off to someplace else, became too busy with work, or are playing Online games and can’t be bothered. Commitments I made in games I’ve ignored and more then likely lost. And… I just don’t know. I sound melodramatic I know, I just… I just don’t feel well. It’s taken everything to just get online now a days.

After I work some shit out things will be better, I am sure. I know I’ve been saying that for a month now and been gone like that long too, but yeah… a little longer. I just need a little longer. I’m so, so sorry. I know I’ve hurt a few people, and I know a lot don’t really care anymore cus of things that have been said and done… but yeah… just a little longer.

Must get my head clear.
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