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Twisted Little Daydreams

Please walk softly...

Miss Whiskers
9 February
Animagus (an-i-MAH-jus OR an-i-MAY-jus)
"animal" L. animal + "magus" Pers. magic user
A Wizard or Witch who can transform themselves into an animal; very rare.
Plural: Animagi (an-i-MAH-jye OR an-i-MAH-gee)

i'm in gryffindor!

Yearly Update:

Name: Tori Lee S.
Nick Name: TorTor, Lee, Andréa the Giant, Bobwolf, Tori-bear!
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 9th 1980
Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Native American / Scottish / Europe Mixed
Marital Status: Single
Past Occupations: Foot ball manager, Secretary, Ticket taker, Kag Transporter, Denios Auction Assistant, Security Officer for Child Protective Services, Voice-over Actor/Puppeteer, Professional Football player for one Season with the Sacramento Sirens Female Football Team (Check out Sacramentosirens.com!!), HTML Coder, and currently doing Voice-overs still and Security work (Still at CPS and now also Managing at the Main “Tower”)
Education: Graduated seated 28 of 198 from Encina High in 1998, Attended ARC JC for a few years studying Anthropology/Arts/Sports Therapy. Attending CSUS in Summers when work is slow.
Age: 24
Eye Color: Off Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Height: 6 foot 4 1/2 inches
Defining Marks: Rather large scar on foot where I was stabbed with a Javelin. Birth Mark on lower back right side.
Left/Right/Ambi: Right handed
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor. I am sorted there 9 times out of 10
Wand: Unknown Wood, Soaked in Lavender and Spice for a night on a full moon, 13 3/4th inch long, Ginger Cat hair filled. >~_^<
Phobias/Fears: Clowns, GUNS, and Large Dogs
Quidditch: I would have been a Beater. My favorite team would have been the Sweetwater All Stars of Texas, USA (cus you have to go with a Home Land Team too!) And Pride of Portree (though it changed a lot. Shh)
Pets: Bubba, a very long haired, fat, lazy stubby leged Ginger cat. If I smashed his face in he would be Crookshanks. AND I got a Kitten resently! HER name is TONKS! cute huh. She has a heart shaped face!
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moulin Rogue, Indiana Jones, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, Anything else Anime, and much more...
First Impression: "Wow… she's BIG" … cus I am. O.o
Father: Garland Wayne S.
Mother: Teresa E. S.
Siblings: None Blood Related.
Blood: Half Blood (Father was a Indian Witch Doctors Son, and that IS the truth)
Family History: Sucks… so will be left open…
Personal History: I was Born, I was raised by three women. One Mother who was too depressed for her own good. One Old Grandmother who was into Herbology and had a green thumb but now just sits and rots in hell. And One very ill woman whom I loved dearly. My Aunt, who I truly did believe was a Witch as a child. How else could one explain how she lived for 32 years longer then she was meant to? I attended school, I am interested in arts of every form. I RP more then I should but it's fun damn it! I am learning to Sew Plot Bunnies (don’t ask). Life expectancy is limited. Anti-social abilities are strong. I am a Movie Hound, an Art Rat, a Track Marker, and a SoBe Drinker. Beware the mighty mosher.

Into Art? Love to Draw? Learning to Draw?
Harry Potter and the Wizarding World an Obsession?
Then come join the HP Art Exchange! It’s new and starting soon!
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